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""I don't play games- I don't play fair- I don't play victim- but I do play dare. No mercy- love is numb- the pain is like shame I only learned that once.""


Always kick your enemies when they’re down, and don’t stop kicking, break some ribs.


Slutty ass bitches

Slutty ass bitches, thats that shit i dont like!

Harbor freight sucks!

I need to vent so i figured this would be a good way. Ill start with FUCK harbor freight! They treat there employes like shit, the one i work at never went by the policy till we switched districts and realized our store is the worst. Just about everyone who works there is a retard or a drug addict. Its one thing if u smoke pot and are functional but its something else when u come to works so fucked up you cant do anything and have the case of the giggles. One of our taggers is a ratchet wigger that does hella drugs and fucks up all the price tags. Our managers switch up our schedule and dont tell us after we already wrote down our hours, then we get fucked over and written up. People are favored a cashier had 3 no call no shows and calls out more then i can count on my fingers, customers complain about her all the time and she STILL works there. A warehouse person 2 no call no shows and couldnt show up the next time he worked because of court. This man stinks so bad you can literally barf from smelling him, his body oder lingers around after he walks away. He also never does his job right, he does 1/4 of his job then sits in the bathroom the rest of his shift and listens to music. One of our new managers thinks hes the big boss and is starting to change the POLICY rules, which he cant do. People are put on the draft report and then not told why they have shitty hours all of a sudden. Im sick with a mad cold and horrible morning sickness cause of my cold, im 7 weeks pregnant and they are making me come into work. Another one of our mangers come in stoned all the time, its a huge corporation business im talking about, DRUG TEST! Im tired of working with fuck ups and ignorant fucks.!. Fuck harbor freight!! The store is in the ghetto and i was sexually harassed by a fucking pedophile to the point the cops had to be called. It was ridiculous, i cant take a lunch break without being stopped to see if i have spare change, a cigarette, drugs, or to be undressed by the eyes of illegal immigrant, old pedophile, or just a creep. Dont get me wrong im grateful to have a job but damnn i wish it would be fair treatment, less fuck ups working, mangers doing there job, and they should have enforced the policy since day one! Fuck hft


Good things come to those who wait go out and fuckin get it